Format for data/listing input HelpMee

There are multiple ways to get data into HelpMee. We can connect directly to your CRM system or an API you already made available (most of our suppliers work with an API / XML format). We have no preference, because we will map all objects internally. We map different flavours of XML or SOAP to this format into our object structure. That is why we ask specific information, for example: first name or country code.

Please show us your existing format or API and we will check this. But for other cases, we have got an example file and extra information regarding the fields:

Example of fields:

  • Remote listing number (Required)
    • Unique identifier for a listing
  • Listing url
    • Url to the listing page (of the realtor)
  • Listing status (Required)
    • Not al the states are required but we recommend it to be at least open and finished
      • If an listing is removed or does not show up in the feed for over 5 days we start the finished proces and ask the realtor and the owner to confirm this.
    • List of possibilities:
      • pre_open
        • This means if the listing is not yet for sale but is going to be in the near feature and we already want to invite and share the listing.
      • Open
        • The listing is ready to be invited and sold
      • pre_finished
        • The listing is posibile sold. In the Netherlands this means there is an agrement on the price but the bueyers stil have to make sure they can get the bank to agree.
      • finished
        • The listing is definitively sold and we can start informing the agent and customer that this is the case so the viral page can be closed. This requires a owner or a realtor to confirm the sold status.
  • Building type (Required)
    • List of possibilities:
      • Buy
      • Rental
  • Price (Required)
    • Value
    • Currency
    • Type (For rental objects: per month or per year)
  • Address
    • Line 1 (Required)
    • Line 2
    • State
    • Zipcode
    • Place (Required)
    • Country (Required)
      • The country field is a ISO 3166-1 - Alpha-2 code we also accept Alpha-3 codes but we convert these to Alpha-2 codes
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
  • Owner(s) (Not required but recommended to have at least one but can be more than one)
    • E-mail (Required)
    • Name (Required at least one name)
      • We recommended the firstname or the lastname because of the first invite e-mail we can say Dear John or Dear Mr. Smith 
      • Firstname (Recommended)
      • Lastname (Recommended)
      • Displayname
    • Gender (Recommended, to allow the difference between Mr. and Mrs.)
  • Media
    • URL (Required)
    • Primary or not
      • If we don't get this we select the first media item als the primary one

Business rules

  • If an object is finished from the first time we see it we ignore it
  • Object's like garages and business areas are exclude
  • Developments listings are ignored

Feedback and support

Do you have any questions, errors or were you just expecting more? :) We are always happy to help! Please share your thoughts and questions: service@kijkmijnhuis.nl

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